Syncing Your Settings in Windows 10

Windows Operating System is the most widely used operating system all around the globe. The popularity of this operating system is because of its ease of use and user friendly environment. Microsoft is developing the Windows OS for more than 30 years and since its 1st release many versions have been developed and the latest one of them is Windows 10. Developers have put loads of efforts for developing this operating system and the final product is very imposing one with improved security and stability. Windows 10 has come up in many imposing features and options and one of them is synced setting option. Windows 10 allows its users to keep the system preferences in order and harmony. With this options you will save much of your valuable time which would have been spent otherwise in repetitive work of entering the theme customization and browser options. For syncing the Settings in Windows 10 you are required to have a Microsoft account.You can also learn about Increasing Your Privacy in Microsoft Edge. If you have already have a Microsoft Account just follow these simple steps for syncing the settings.

  • 1st of all you are required to click on the Start Button.
  • Now in the next step click on the Settings icon.
  • Now you need to click Accounts.
  • In the next step you need to click Sign in with a Microsoft account and after that enter the information related to your account.
  • In the next step you will see a new window where you will notice Sync your settings option at the bottom, you need to click it.
  • Now you need to Turn ON the switch located next to Sync Settings.
  • You can disable any of the individual settings if you want certain things not to be sync.