Increasing Your Privacy in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a web browser which has enhanced the browsing experience the to a great degree. Edge browser has emphasized greatly on the security and privacy of the user and with few steps you can experience more locked-down experience. You can also learn about Blocking Pop-ups and Setting Aside Tabs in Edge Browser. For increasing the privacy in Edge browser you need to follow these simple steps.

  • 1st of all you are required to open the Edge browser and then click the Ellipsis menu (three dots on the left hand side.)
  • Now you need to select Settings.
  • In the next step you are required to disable the Sync your favorites and reading list option. This will keep the favorites on your local PC without sending them to Microsoft’s servers.
  • Now you need to select View advanced settings.
  • In the next step you are required to toggle OFF the Use Adobe Flash Player.
  • Now you need to scroll down and toggle OFF offer to save passwords and Save from entries. Both these options will connect with Microsoft servers and will put password and personal information in the cloud.
  • Npw toggle ON the option for Send Do Not Track requests. This option is supposed to protect you from being tracked on the web but in reality only few websites actually honor the request.
  • Now disable both Have Cortana assist me in Microsoft Edge and Show search and site suggestions as I type.
  • Select a cookie setting which is the most secure option to block all cookies but this will make the web nearly unusable. Instead you need to try to block 3rd party cookies for good compromise between the security and usability.
  • Now in the last step you need to disable the bottom three settings.