If you are using Windows 10 on a PC consisting of a touchscreen woth detachable keyboard, you can use the tablet mode in order to make it simple to use. Tablet Mode is Windows 10 lets you automatiacally activate when you detach the keyboard from it’s base. The Tablet Mode is different from the desktop mode like the Start menu is replaced with the Start screen and the Live tiles will fill the whole screen. One thing should be kept in mind that the Tablet Mode can not be used when your device is connected to multiple displays.

Enable Tablet Mode:

When the Tablet Mode is enabled it will make working on mobile device very easy as you can use touch and gestures to complete the tasks. You need to follow these steps.

  • 1st of all swipte in from the right side of the screen or click on the Action Center icon.
  • Now click on the Tablet Mode button.
  • Once the Tablet Mode is enabled, apps run in full screen. The Taskbar will change and most parts of the interface are optimized for the touch screen in place of mouse and keyboard.

Use the Start Menu:

In the Tablet Mode few things are peformed differently. Like the Start Menu is replaced with the Start screen.

  • First of all tap on the Start button.
  • Now you need to tap on the Menu button in order to view an expanded Start menu. With this all of your installed apps will appear.
  • Now you need to tap the app you want to open.

Switch Between Apps:

For switching between the apps you need to follow the following steps to switch between open apps while in Tablet Mode.

  • First of all swipe your finger in from left or tap the Task View icon.
  • Now tap on the app you need to open.

Close an App

There are many different methods for closing an open app. You can do it by following these steps.

  • If there is a Close button then just click it.


  • Swipe your finger from the top to bottom of the screen.


  • Tap on the Task View icon.
  • Then tap on the app’s Close button.

Hide the Taskbar:

In the Tablet Mode, you can hide the taskbar automatically even if it was not hidden in the desktop mode.

  • First of all tap the Start button.
  • Now tap on the Settings button.
  • Now tap of the System.
  • Tap on the Tablet Mode button.
  • Now toggle Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode on.

Turn Tablet Mode OFF:

  • First of all swipe your finger in from the right or tap the Action Center icon.
  • Now tap on the Tablet Mode button.
  • Now you need to reattach your keyboard when you are done.