Enhanced Properties Panel in Photoshop

When Photoshop get any update the new features takes the center stage and grab all the attention and on the other hand enhancements to the existing features often go unnoticed. But if you are the one whom efficiency and ease of use are of utmost importance then you should check out the enhancements being made in Properties panel of Photoshop CC 2020.

The Properties panel is the place where you will find all the controls as well as options for any layer that is selected in Layers panel. The options change which depends of the type of layers you are working on. The options until now were very limited but with the CC 2020 update the Properties panel has been enhanced greatly.

The Document Properties in CC 2020

In Photoshop CC 2020 the Properties panel has become very handy and with the background layer selected there are many things that you can do with the documents from the Properties panel. There is a Canvas group, Guides group and a group of Rulers & Grids. It has also got a brand new feature which is known as Quick Actions.


  • You can use Canvas options in order to modify the width or height of the document.
  • Now click the Landscape or Portrait button to modify the orientation of the document. But you need to be careful that this will result in some of your image being clipped.

You have also got the option to change the color mode and bit depth of the document if required.

Rulers & Grids

  • This group has been equipped with the buttons to show or hide the rulers as well as the grid. It has also got a button that opens Photoshop”s Preferences to Transparenccy & Gamut settings.
  • You are also allowed to modify the unit of measurements for the rulers.


  • You need to click on the buttons in order to view the guides, lock the guides or turn ON Smart Guides.
  • You can also change the style of guide from solid to dashed lines.

Quick Actions

  • Quick Actions is the brand new feature that has been included in he Properties panel in Photoshop CC 2020.
  • The Quick Actions group provides the buttons to open the size of the image dialog box.
  • Select the Crop Tool and then open the Trim dialog box or you can also rotate the canvas.