Checking Spelling and Grammar in MS PowerPoint 2016

While creating a slideshow in a PowerPoint presentation, MS PowerPoint provides you various proofing features which includes Spelling and Grammar tool which comes in handy for producing professional and error free presentations.You can also learn about Syncing iPhone with Windows 10. In order to run the spell check you need to follow these steps.

  • 1st of all from the Review tab you need to click the Spelling command.
  • A Spelling Pan will appear on the right side and for every error in your presentation, MS PowerPoint will offer you more suggestions. You can select a suggestion and then click Change to correct the error.
  • MS PowerPoint will move through every error till you have reviewed them all. Once the last error has been reviewed a dialog box will appear confirming that spelling check has been completed. You need to click OK.

With the above mentioned steps you can ensure a grammatically error free presentation.

Ignoring Spelling Errors:

Spell Check feature is not always correct and sometimes it may think that a word is spelled incorrectly when it is not. Now if the PowerPoint says something is an error you can still select not to change it by using one of the three following options:

Ignore: This option will skip the word without changing it.

Ignore All: This option will skip the word without modifying it and it will also skip all other instances of the word in your presentation.

Add: This option will add the word to the dictionary so that it won;t come up as an error again.