When you are working on multi-page document they may be times when you need to have more control over how the text flows. Breaks can prove it handy in these cases. There are various different types of breaks to select from depending on what you require which include section breaks, page breaks and column breaks.

Inserting Page Break:

For inserting the page break you need to follow these simple steps.

  • First of all you need to place the insertion point where you need to create the page break.
  • Now click on the Page Break on the Insertion tab. You can also press Ctrl+Enter on your keyboard.
  • You can insert the page break into the document and the text will move to the next page.

Section Breaks:

Section breaks can create barrier between variosu different parts of the document, letting you to format each section independently. MS Word provides different types of section breaks.

Next Page: This option lets you insert section break and moves the text after the break to the next page of the document.

Continuous: The Continuous option allows you to insert section break and lets you continue working on the same page.

Even/Odd Page: Both these options lets you add a section break and move the text after the break to the next even or odd page. These options may be handy when you are required to begin new section on an even or odd page.

Inserting a Section Break:

For adding a section break to separate a paragraph from two-column list.

  • First of all place a insertion point where you need to create the break.
  • On the Page Layout tab, click the breaks commen and then select the desired section break from drop-down menu.
  • A section breal will appear in your document.
  • The text before as well as after the section break can now be formatted separately.
  • The formatting will be applied to current section of the document.

Deleting a Break:

The breaks are hidden by default and if you need to delete a break, you will have yo show the breaks in your document.

  • First of all click on Show/Hide command on the Home tab.
  • Now clocate the break you need to delete and then place the insertion point att he beginning of the break.
  • Now you need to press the Delete the key. The break will deleted from the document.