Applying Themes in MS PowerPoint

A theme is a predefined combination of fonts, colors as well as effects. Different themes uses different slide layouts. You have already been using a theme even if you don’t know it which is the Office theme. You can select from a wide variety of new themes at any time providing your entire presentation a professional consistent look.

Each PowerPoint theme includes the default Office theme and it has it’s own theme elements these elements are

Theme Colors: There are 10 theme colors and each one of them comes with their darker and lighter variations.

Theme Fonts: There are two theme fonts available at the top of the Font menu under Theme Fonts.

Theme Effects: Theme effects will affect the preset shape styles. You can find the shape styles on the Format tab whenever you select a shape.

Applying the themes:

All the themes which are included in PowerPoint are located in the Themes group on the Design tab. The themes can be applied or modified at any time.

To apply a theme

  • First of all select the design tab on the Ribbon and after that locate the Themes group. Each of the image represents a theme.
  • Now you need to click the More drop-down arrow in order to see all available themes.
  • Now select the desired theme.
  • The theme will then be applied to the whole presentation. In order to apply different theme you simply need to select it from the Design tab.